Layout of Old Aikikai Hombu Dojo as sketched by Sadateru Arikawa Sensei

The above image is an annotated sketch drawn by Sadateru Arikawa Sensei in my presence on October 22, 2000 at the Aiki News office in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture. I have left the underlying sketch intact but with the layer made 50% transparent. In addition, I have inserted gray lines to square up the various parts of the sketch to make it easier to discern details.

This is only a beginning attempt to reconstruct the layout of the old dojo. Since there are people still alive who have trained in the dojo, I would appreciate it if you would show them this drawing and have them make corrections and clarifications. Since tatami are of a standard size, it may be possible to bring the drawing somewhat to scale over the course of time.

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