Video: Hiroshi Ikeda, 7th dan, instructs at Aiki Expo 2002

“The Elegant Technique of an Aikido Master!”

Hiroshi Ikeda, 7th dan, is the chief instructor of Boulder Aikikai in Boulder, Colorado. He is one of the top aikido instructors in the USA due to his incredible skill level and extensive travel schedule which has carried him all over the USA and many foreign nations. This video clip taken at Aiki Expo 2002 which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, captures highlights from classes he conducted at that event.

Ikeda Sensei’s aikido is minimal and elegant at the same time. He has mastered the use of precise movements to quickly unbalance his uke and exert control with almost no physical effort. You will see his uncanny skill as you view this video clip.

Born in 1950, Hiroshi Ikeda began aikido training under Mitsugi Saotome while a student in the aikido club of Kokugakuin Univesity. He entered Saotome’s Reimeijuku dojo in 1970. In 1976, he relocated to Sarasota, Florida,taught in Florida from 1978-79. Ikeda Sensei moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1980 and established the Boulder Aikikai. He travels extensively throughout the USA and abroad conducting seminars. Ikeda Sensei also operates Bujin Design, a martial arts supply company.

Duration: 11:40 minutes
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  1. Frank Richardson says:


    Did you know that today is Ikeda Sensei’s birthday?

    Very nice coincidence, or did you know this already?

    I am getting a lot out of the Zen & Aikido pdf book. Thank you very much.

    I will be downloading Ikeda Sensei’s video now. Did you also happen to know that he will be here in San Diego next week with Christian Tissier Sensei and Frank Doran Sensei at our Aikido Bridge Seminar at our Jiai Aikido dojo?

    Another happy coincidence?

    Thanks again,

    Frank Richardson

    • I really had no idea. What a coincidence!

      The seminar in San Diego should be a wonderful experience and I encourage everyone who can to attend.

  2. Alister Gillies says:

    I was at a Seminar with Ikeda Sensei in Lisbon recently. It was very interesting, enjoyable and I learned a lot. I’m looking forward to his trip to the UK in April later this year.

  3. Ivo Huisman says:

    I travelled to the USA last year from S Africa to train at Boulder Aikikai – inspired by the book: Center The Power of Aikido, written by two of Ikeda Sensei’s students. My reception was exceptionally warm and the training fantastic!!

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