The Claim of “Mastery”

Of what use is it, this claim of “mastery?”

Every bullying buffoon, tyrannical clown and charlatan of history has made it and brought misery with their erroneous and confused opinions.

Mastery is relative. The universe is infinite.

Real mastery is understated and modest because it realizes no such thing exists.

Mastery of what exactly? “Mastery” is a very relative term in the face of the infinite possibilities that in fact exist.

You should realise this and not be detoured from your unique life path and mission.

The disease is that of hubris, the dark side, domination of others with all the needless war and suffering it brings.

Mastery over oneself is task enough. Mastery over others is ultimately impossible following the otherwise avoidable suffering and consequences it begets.

Responsibility is another matter. One of serving the greater good instead of mental fetishes and other weaknesses.

Not so long ago I was sorely tempted to take one insignificant bully’s head off when he excused attacking and abusing a cult member with the words, “I am a master of wisdom and infallible in correcting my disciple..” thereby displaying his status. So much so that not only was his premise in error, but he was in error in many counts. This and other violations he simply lied about.

The “sin” was insignificant. Being an incompetent “leader” he had:
a) Expected one person to be in two places at once.
b) That same person to perform a non-urgent task he, a child or anyone could have instead of sitting idly by chatting in a dry warm room.
c) His own distorted perceptions of time, space, logic, logistics, hubris, self importance and other vices.
d) Targeted this particular individual, a small female already stressed from overworking, out of context, instead of delegating the menial task to any of the numerous idly present.
e) The said small female had been on a roof, in a rainstorm, dutifully patching up other previous neglect, instead of wiping up behind the undisciplined comfortably ensconced indoors.
f) When she rightly gave him some lip instead of asking how high to jump, he became enraged and he snapped!

This was hardly “mastery” of any kind but a forlorn, pathetic, undisciplined primate behaviour out of all proper context and this without a modicum of dignity or respect.

It is a real pity we no longer have lunatic asylums where sociopathic, messianically afflicted, megalomaniac charlatans can be properly ensconced out of harm’s way. I personally prefer the Ancient Roman method. But then again as compassion would have it we would now be missing out of a great many core values had the Romans had their way entirely, so even here a balance must exist.

Perhaps even great fools may have some useful scraps to offer. Who knows?

Climber novices make a loud noise celebrating at every small peak, but true master climbers quietly and continuously evaluate impending risk and storm.

True wisdom spoke these words and lived them:

“By their fruit ye shall know them.”


“The greatest master is the greatest servant.”

This implies actual and factual capability of some kind. You can not be a “master” of waffle, hot air and blunderbuss.

Your Aikido, or whatever else it is that you profess, will never be perfect. There will always be a new generation who will effortlessly supersede you in talent, skill, insight and ability.

It has been interesting observing life. Shortly after a teenager has the grand realisation that he or she, “knows everything” the roller coaster of real life comes along and proves otherwise for a long time to come.

At dotage, once again we “know everything.” Then death comes to prove you wrong. And this with finality.

Insecure smart-arses miss a lifetime of joy and service playing sad games of one-upmanship to no effect. They too will feed worms in a few short years.

I believe, we as humans, if we stop resisting reality so much we miss the point, can find that there is more to our existence than a long life of misery, or making it so for others, then in due season terminating as fertilser for a tree.

The trick is to open your eyes now. Shift your viewing point. Notice all the other infinite potentials freely available over and beyond our cravings and arrogance.

If someone claims to be a “master” ask him what he wants. Make sure to give the bastard nothing. If he wants something, he is a loser and a con man. A “master” of cheaply attempted fraud. A huckster for smoke and mirrors!

Here are some tips. If someone has really mastered life, they do not need hangers-on or followers to exploit. Nor do they need to obtain anything at all by means of lies, deception, half-truths, coercion or parasitically. They may, if they choose to, find a venue whereby they may from time to time offer to share skill, but the motive will not be that of a jobless parasite.

The salient feature of a true master of anything, resides not in that he or she will attempt to foist an unhealthy co-dependency.

Masagatsu Agatsu

Masagatsu Agatsu

Rather, you will find that your own independent self-mastery, your ability to serve and be useful in the world will augment and multiply through that association, willingly going through the pain of change and learning.

All the others, with their hypnotic spiels and fancy coloured robes are frauds who are taking what is not rightfully theirs using wrongful means.

Of course, you don’t have to believe this. You may choose to find out the long, hard, painful way. That is your freedom.

We are all made the same. No-one is over anyone else other than in skill to render service with visible results.

We all contain the innate ability to Master anything we choose. The prime feature being that in so doing we master ourselves, gain increasing attributes of enlightenment and develop the ability to alleviate suffering.

Everything else is either window-dressing or bullshit.

The real great masters of history saw this clearly. There are many examples. No real master posed as a “master,” but was ordinary, yet shone notwithstanding. The best “masters” I knew were too busy serving, thereby setting an example and daily striving to overcome their own foibles, to have the bother or inclination to either pose, preach or dominate. They shone anyway and it rubbed off all around them.

For example, Jesus demonstrated by living a modest life and washing his students feet.

O’Sensei wished for another thousand years so he could improve his Aikido from the crude level it was in, at his deathbed.

Zoroaster lived a life of modesty. Buddha of quiet humility. Krishna, having the power to sway the battle, served as charioteer instead.

Mohammad had his moments also.

And the many thousands, unsung, not named and seldom, if ever heard of or known.

But potential for authentic mastery exists in everyone willing to extend themselves appropriately and simply live, render service and be harmless.

Realize that there is, and can be, no arrival. Once you imagine you’ve reached the top, there is only one way left to go, down!

The Vaishnavas have an interesting saying. It goes like this, “Even The Supreme Being (God) constantly renders service, as do the hierarchies of beings providing the variables of matter so we can exist. If He stopped serving even for a microsecond we would all vanish. No being exists who is exempt from rendering service.”

Give that some thought!

“Masakatsu Agatsu!”
True Victory is Victory Over Oneself
Correspondingly: True Mastery is Self Mastery
Morihei Ueshiba

Self correct enables to protect. The morally weak use blame to facilitate their criminality.

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