“Kotodama – At the Beginning – At Each Moment Vibrations,” by Nev Sagiba

The Japanese have been around for over 1000 years or so.

They inherited the concept and some applications of Kotodama from the Chinese.

Atsutane argued that many efforts in the theoretical study of Shinto were based on the borrowed language from Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. He wanted to study this native spirituality before the influence of Buddhism. Atsutane’s beliefs were passed on to a few students who later established Shinto schools based on particular aspects of Shinto theories and early Japanese beliefs.

The Chinese got sonic, meridian and chi sciences from the Vedic Indians (“Hindu”) Mantrayana, who got it from the Bön Nepalese and Tibetans, who in turn referred to Mongolian “Shamans.”

However the Egyptians had this as a fine art in the days of Vedic India (Aryaveda) and what some have come to call “Atlantis.”

It was there before with the Lemurians, who got much help, it is said, from interplanetary visitors assisting human evolution.

In any event Kotodama is a discoverable natural function.

In the Bible it is rendered from concatenations of many subsequent mistranslations, as: “In the beginning “was” the word..” But both ancient “spiritual” understanding as with modern quantum science see clearly that “the beginning” is right now, in the present moment. Time as we think we “know” it, is a construct of our mind’s incapacity to see totality without manufacturing a linear progression.

The correct reading of the ancient texts from which it was plagiarized and over time distorted, is and should be: At each moment, at each inception IS VIBRATION.

Vibration is motivated by INTENTION and thence makes and modifies matter.

In any event Vibration is the nature of the universe, a natural predisposition and entirely discoverable by the observant and disciplined, such as for example, those who practice Aikido or live in natural survival environs. To those who can see, there are are visual and vibratory records seen and understood by those having the ‘key’ to read the records. They are ‘aural’ records in that the close relationship natural people have with their environment and is such that the harmonics of nature is audible and legible to initiated persons with that understanding. Much of this aural record is blocked out by unnatural sounds (for example, the passing of a jet aeroplane or the hum of an outboard motor), the physiological effects of Western diets, and in a not so insignificant ways, the disruption of traditional law through the overlay of other, later systems. All contribute to a disturbance of the harmonics noted earlier and a displacement effect to the reception of aural records.

The parts which make the whole, predispositions, whether large or small are cyclic progressions each with the appearance of a beginning, a journey and an end; and most often a recycling.

Everything in existence IS subatomic particle/waves in vibration.
Without vibration only VOID. (And even Void is not entirely so!)

Kotodama is not separate from life, consciousness, perception and action, but is a requirement of all expression. The “sound” spectrum is a small part of a vast and almost infinite spectrum of vibratory rates of possibility comprising the original sense, from which our reliant small and limited sensory windows of touch, sound-as-we-know-it, sight, smell and taste emerge.

We Hito Jinja are natural receivers and transmitters of the ocean of many currents, Kannagara no Michi. Otherwise we are merely eating and excreting lumps of meat. That’s a choice each human has and why humans have the potential to become enlightened as an initial step prior to the proper and possible navigation of the Cosmos. Not a vacation. There is no rest and there can be no escape. We navigate or we drown and get recycled. The Universe is efficient.

After that the Journey is endless.. and not at all boring!

You may recall this article from the 20th of January 2007:

At the Beginning – At Each Moment Vibrations

You hear a song from the fifties, sixties or seventies or whatever is your era and all the memories and emotions flood back in an instant as if it were yesterday and you can see and smell and feel the same reality again.

An ex travelling salesman friend recently recounted how he was once travelling in the USA and after a drunken party the various couples paired off and got into their respective rooms of a rickety old motel, a wooden structure on stilts.

In the middle of the night he awoke because aside from the sound of rusty bedsprings squeaking, the whole building had begun to shake. His fellow salesman, another bachelor and an ex marine, was already awake and cursing. Maybe that’s what had woken him since the swaying of the building, aside from the racket, appeared quite soothing in his sleep.

Eventually the commotion ceased, the building stopped swaying and the marine, a demolitions expert, grunted: “Good f#@% thing they were not fully in synch otherwise they would have brought the building down, Now can we #@%g go back to sleep?!?!”, he exclaimed as he rolled over and pulled the pillow over his head.


Now that I have your attention…

It is said that large buildings can be toppled with a small hammer by one knowing where to tap, how much to tap, how long to tap, how hard to tap, the frequency to tap and other attributes. Some years ago experiments were conducted with coloured sand on drums, water and other substances where certain kotodama/ mantrayana were intoned or in some way elicited. Depending on the sound, a shape formed with the sound particles.

Surprisingly, but not really, intoning OM or AUM made the OM mandala of interlaced triangles identical to what was identified and known as the renowned OM mandala since times long gone. And other sounds consistently corresponded to other forms.

When marching over bridges soldiers are ordered to break step and resume once over, because the natural vibratory oscillation of the bridge might become entrained with the soldiers’ steps, and the bridge could become increasingly unstable and collapse as a result. The swaying builds up momentum until it breaks up.

Directed vibrations, whether audible and within the limited human auditory range or otherwise, can create or destroy, heal or kill. I need not mention the skilled use of kiai, now an almost lost art. And I cannot comment about the walls of Jericho because I was not there. Maybe its just a myth.

I’m not sure where or from what it was, that St.John’s piece was originally copied and re-translated with a chronological overlay. Many years ago I was inspired to take the ‘time’ element out of it and rephrase it in present moment articulation. That version is buried somewhere and one day I’ll dig it up. But in effect is not that difficult to work out and merely reiterates Vedic and other ancient philosophies, both Physics and Metaphysics at their core, revealing or concealing depending on who is doing the reading.

Consider the principles of Yamabiko-no-Michi and it becomes self explaining.
In effect it is the secret of the principles of Kotodama which are the ‘secrets’ of Creation itself: VIBRATION!

“At, or preceding, each beginning IS vibration… (this, of course, applies to intention and action, receiving it in advance and countering it if of the nature of violent intent and so on…)

It goes something like this:
“At or preceding each beginning IS vibration…
Vibration arises out of The Original substance,
All vibration emerges from The Origin,
And all manifestation begins with vibration,
Nothing can exist that does not follow this principle,
Light, the principle of expanding and Life,
which makes consciousness arises like this.
Also intention and action and all attributes of the
universe and humans.
Light consumes darkness, and it cannot be the
other way around. It is the direction of the universe…”

“Light’ and ‘darkness’ being attributes of the Yin and Yang as later described by Chinese Taoists: the earlier version being the Purusha and Prakrit of the Vedantins, now, if at all known, as mere labels, too often misunderstood as a result of superstitious thinking.

Put in the simplest of terms, both material science and mystical science confirm that energy and matter, or spirit and matter, are interchangeable, evolve and devolve into each other and arise from one singular original ‘substance’, ‘stuff’, ‘essence’ or ‘completeness’. And neurons firing in the brain are nothing more than electrical discharges, sparks of LIGHT or HIKARI!

Kotodama/Mantrayana or the science and art of vibrations, applies to both receiving and transmitting, such as, for example, in the telepathy between web workers (only web workers will ‘get’ this one). Also combatants and high risk workers, twins and others. As with the practice of so called ki or intention, reading it and making it and of course harmonising it as in aiki, riding a horse, navigating rough water and most other dynamic skills.

In relationships, your tone of voice means a lot to others and determines how they will interact. More so your mental attitude. Some individuals may exploit this for good or for evil.

Science and mysticism eventually arrive at the same conclusions since they are looking at the same Universe. The only difference being that some observers are more left brain hemisphere oriented and others more right. The principles do not alter, only the viewing point. Conceptual distortions and perhaps interpretational overlays made by attempted descriptions risk clouding the simplicity of it all. And of course the “Chinese whispers” which then usually follow.

Regardless, the universe and its principles are not about to change, but are freely sitting there, hidden in plain sight, acting out, readily observable by anyone prepared to do the relevant work. And observe.

Analysing it further, VIBRATION is the result of oscillation between the two opposites, the particle/waves of physicists or the references alluded to by mystics. All the same. At microcosmic levels this gives rise to “string theory” and dark matter theories. But spiritual scientists throughout the ages already had these points in hand using the ultimate instrument for noticing and measuring the universe, and also applying its principles in action and in life, this being the purified Hito Jinja.

A question: What is the current that arises in the vibratory oscillation between the polarities? (of which there can only be two, each the opposite of its complement.) Observe what is possible in action. If one person can, so can anyone else, provided they are prepared to go through what may be required to develop the skill. “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Otherwise it’s just hot air and supposition.

Kotodama and Yamabiko no Michi.

Much mystery has been placed on this and as far as I know there currently exists no formal course on the subject. And heaven forbid that there ever is. People, politics and misuses of skill usually ends up corrupting good things. Yet related teachings have been in place for millennia, scattered around the globe. The science and art of kotodama is best when it is researched as a personal quest whilst becoming awakened to the fact that you are already dancing inside the great symphony which is the great universe of vibrations.

People have languages to convey their thoughts, animals roar, grunt, whinny, snort, and so on. All contribute to communication in some way. In mosques, temples, churches, prairies, lodges and grottoes, chants and hymns may evoke certain attunement of mind and spirit. Certain exercises such as yoga kriya and pranayama, may shift vibration to attain certain results.

Since everything is connected (MusubI) as proposed by religion and verified by science, it behooves us to care, nurture, protect and to seek harmony despite any discord in our relations navigating life.

I’ve only scratched the surface here but all the stuff is both ‘out there’ and ‘in here’, in yourself, if you care to search and intuit and explore. In the end, it’s all pretty obvious and common to the nature of existence and nature itself.

If you want to improve your Aikido and other Budo, I highly recommend rediscovering kotodama, not as an idea about an idea about some theory about something to talk about, or some esoteric sounding details someone once spoke of. Not fantasy movie magic either.

But as it is, right now, in front of you, in and all around you all the time.

Everything is vibration. Vibration extends beyond the surface of things; originating in sub atomic particles and the dance of atoms, but some frequencies also include and impinge on the senses; so you are already equipped to notice at least the surface of the Kotodama of the Universe as it is at this moment.

And then to accentuate awareness, it is good practice to bring that attunement into intense dojo practice and meditation. Not only will you be pleasantly surprised by what you discover, but also you will derive great benefit from it.

Musicians tend to know more than they think they do on the subject of vibrations. The universe is a super complex symphony of vibrations, but with a little observation and experimentation the basic principles of vibration can be grasped and applied in interesting ways by pretty much anyone, even if it’s only in playing a guitar or riding a horse, cooking or canoeing, or making your waza come alive in the dojo!

Aside from waking the neighbours with kiais of pleasure, just don’t topple your house when making love, or you could have some explaining to the insurance company!


* Angers Bridge was a suspension bridge over the Maine River in Angers, France. The bridge is famous for having collapsed when 478 French soldiers marched across it in lockstep on April 16, 1850. Since the soldiers were marching together, they caused the bridge to vibrate and twist from side to side, dislodging an anchoring cable from its concrete mooring. Though a storm also raged during the collapse, engineering experts indicate the collapse was due to the soldiers instead of the storm. About 226 people died. As a result of the bridge’s collapse. Marching columns henceforth break step when crossing bridges. Ironically, crowds of people that don’t intend to march often start walking in step to match the swaying of the bridge and maintain their balance. These phenomena are still require further research.

**The Tacoma Narrows Bridge in the U.S.A., a mile-long (1600 meter) suspension bridge with a main span of 2800 feet (850 m) was the third-largest in the world when it was first built. It self destructed as a result of wind induced torsional resonance which escalated until it built up so much that it destroyed itself and collapsed. It was later redesigned and rebuilt correctly so that this would not happen. The final destruction of the bridge was recorded on film by Barney Elliott, owner of a local camera shop in 1940. The Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse is preserved on film in the U.S.A. National Film Registry. It is regularly shown to engineering, architecture and physics students.

* Some sound,thought, water & sand research links:

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And lots more well worth researching.
20 years ago this type of research was considered “esoteric,” “fringe,” “cooky,” and at the same time “officially above top secret.”

Now it is open and readily available, to a great extent, thanks to the internet.

The Science of Kotadama is re-emerging! :)

“The road is long
With many a winding turn
That leads us to who knows where
Who knows when
But I’m strong
Strong enough to carry him
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother
So on we go
His welfare is of my concern
No burden is he to bear
We’ll get there
For I know
He would not encumber me
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother
If I’m laden at all
I’m laden with sadness
That everyone’s heart
Isn’t filled with the gladness
Of love for one another
It’s a long, long road
From which there is no return
While we’re on the way to there
Why not share
And the load
Doesn’t weigh me down at all
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother
He’s my brother
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother…”

“He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”

(B. Scott and B. Russell)


  1. Bruce Baker says:

    The more interesting observation is two fold … the harmony of aikido practice is a method of motion harmony while it is also a practice that uses DIS-HARMONY to discourage anger and violence. Think about it … instead of combining with someone’s aggressive behavior or violent behavior … we try to reach a state of grace where we are not in their state of mind. To neutralize one must generate opposite vibrations, and thus we can explain how we can use resonance to increase our thoughts, our actions in the practice of Aikido or we can use opposite vibrations to neutralize an opponents physical or mental attack.

    Of course … the use of negatives should never be a sustaining defense or attack as it will generate and increase the negatives, but for short bursts of neutralization … it is completely acceptable.

    Fact is .. the more you apply science to your thinking .. the more you be able to grasp the simplicity that ….. all types of energy generate their own vibration of energy. If this entire universe is composed of matter that is derived from energy that came into being… then at an atomic level .. every single thing in this world has some type of vibration that we might be able to identify but eventually there will created an instrument that can detect and identify elementals at a vibratory level.

    All Science starts with perception that something exists, and then the pursuit of finding “the proofs” for showing it exists becomes the science. It is just a matter of time before science finds the proofs for the perceptions of O’Sensei…. bet on it.

  2. Wonderfll article and research, thanks
    Congratulations Nev.

    Wagner Bull

  3. Jose Arves Santos says:

    It would be interesting to see how scientists will further the purpose and potential usage of frequency and vibration. For the aikidoka, the evidence is in practice. Thank you for your post.

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