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What if you could hear the revelations of the world’s leading aikido experts:

1. How they began their training and with whom they practiced
2. How they developed their skills
3. How they promoted their art and built their student base
4. What their lessons and best-kept secrets for advancement are
5. What advice they would give YOU to become a top aikidoka and transform your life

I’m talking about the LEGENDS telling you how they did it, and how you can too. Here are just a few names you might possibly recognize:

  • Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido
  • Kisshomaru Ueshiba, O-Sensei’s son and Aikido’s Second Doshu
  • Koichi Tohei, the Founder of Ki Aikido
  • Gozo Shioda, the Founder of Yoshinkan Aikido
  • Morihiro Saito, one of O-Sensei’s closest students and technical genius
  • Noriaki Inoue, the Founder’s nephew and aikido’s “forgotten pioneer!
  • Minoru Mochizuki, judo expert and Founder of Yoseikan Aikido
  • Kenji Tomiki, student of both Morihei and Jigoro Kano, and creator of competitive aikido
  • Shoji Nishio, aikido’s innovative genius
  • Seigo Yamaguchi, one of the undisputed greats of postwar aikido
  • Christian Tissier, one of Europe’s leading aikido instructors
  • and too many more to mention!

Their stories, insights, and advice are available to you TODAY! No waiting…


It doesn’t matter what sparked your interest in Aikido. We have answers to the most asked questions and in-depth information about every aspect of the art. If you are someone who is merely curious about Aikido, a beginner… all the way up to the most advanced student. We offer a storehouse of information unequaled anywhere on all things Aikido.

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Author, “The Encyclopedia of Aikido”
Author, “Aikido Pioneers — Prewar Era”

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