“Facebook Woes!” by Stanley Pranin

I’m very sorry to have to report this news… Today, I attempted to login to my Facebook account as I have done since September 2010. I was met by a message asking me to input a confirmation code that was sent to my cell phone. The problem is that that cell number was discontinued months ago. I looked through the help section for assistance and found many FB users experiencing the same problem. Their requests–in some cases pleas!–for help were completely unanswered.

I widened my search on the Internet and found literally hundreds of complaints about the same issue. Very few people had their problems resolved. Facebook doesn’t have a support phone number, and only occasionally deigns to answer emails sent to their help desks.

So that situation is that I’m blocked from entering my own account due to a disconnected cell phone number. I cannot update my settings with a new number because I can’t log in. I have sent a message requesting help, but I’m not even expecting a response due to the numerous emails I’ve read over the last several hours lamenting FB’s poor customer support.

For the time being, until and if this issue is resolved, I cannot update the Aikido Journal FB page. If anyone has experienced a similar problem and has found a resolution, I would really like to hear from them.

Right now, I’m stuck, so please come here to the website for news and announcements from Aikido Journal.

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