“Thrive,” New Documentary by Aikidoka Foster Gamble

Nev Sagiba sent me a link to the new documentary film by Foster Gamble, a yudansha instructor under Frank Doran Sensei of Redwood City, California.

Foster Gamble, creator of "Thrive,"
introduces Aikido and Morihei Ueshiba

Foster contacted me several months ago requesting permission to use the video clip of Morihei Ueshiba you see in the documentary. He sees aikido as an important means to create a new level of awareness and cooperation among people, and one of the keys to solving mankind’s pressing problems. His view is very much in the spirit of Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba.

This is a highly professional presentation that is sure to have a great reach given its scope and message. It will surely help many people find their way to aikido. I have seen the entire documentary and was deeply impressed by the intelligence, planning, and courage involved in this production seeing the light of day. Here we present the trailer for the movie.

Here is the comment of one viewer of the documentary:

This film is outstanding, a real EYE opener to those that take the time to Pay Attention to ALL the details! Foster Gamble relays this story of how Life is supposed to work and THRIVE, not merely survive. He does this in a way that compels the viewer to open their minds and hearts to the endless possibilities of just how important their lives really are to the world we live in. In order to have the FUTURE we want, one must first understand the system on which the past and present were built.

Click here to visit the “Thrive” website where it is possible to obtain the full documentary.

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