Excerpt from Radio Interview with Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

The above is an excerpt of a rare interview with Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba. The entire interview from which this extract was taken runs about 15 minutes and was broadcast on radio in Japan sometime in the early 1960s.

Listening to O-Sensei’s actual voice will give you a totally different feel for his personality and mode of expression. He has a terrific sense of humor and speaks very straightforwardly. Notice how he mentions the effect of World War II on his thinking and the future direction of aikido.

This audio clip was taken from “The Founder of Aikido” DVD available through this website. This DVD is the final installment of a six-part series on the Founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba.

The first section is the uncut version of a Japanese tv documentary titled “Aikido” produced in 1961. This film focuses on the life and techniques of Morihei Ueshiba, and was shot on location in Iwama and Tokyo. It contains beautiful footage of the Founder in his daily life and during training. There are many marvelous action scenes, including an incredible display of empty-handed techniques, defenses against multiple attacks and a live sword!

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  1. This is a greatest material that I saw in years!
    Congratulations and thanks!
    Gustavo Romano

  2. Bruce Baker says:

    In listening to interview of the FOUNDER … one comes to the conclusion he considers himself a Child of AIKIDO being led to CONSTANTLY LEARN and grow until the body, mind, and spirit are exhausted from living life.

    The world is a balance of positive and negative trying to find balance … both in the nature and science of the universe around us, and in our own mental constructs as we attempt to understand that world we are born into. With certain practices we can come to a better harmony of both the positive and negative aspects of that world.

    More amazing yet … is how that inspiration of the PRACTICE itself being named by not the founder but by someone who admires the founder and his practitioners…. indeed … it takes a humble man to see the blessings of the spiritual and take the spirits up on their contribution to create BALANCE in the physical world.

    In this period of Negative events, negative ambitions which are taking this world down a path of destruction into ruin .. our spirits need some positive balance, and more than ever …. the SPIRIT of Aikido can give us a means to give our physical bodies another means to find a positive balance so we might bolster the spirit of humanity itself. The lesson of BEING a moral upright citizen is much more difficult than standing on a street corner PREACHING the WORD of god, or whatever you are selling. INDEED, the mundane daily practice may seem useless to some, but the old .. learn the lesson of spirit … because the body must learn the lesson of age, illness, infirmity, and all are left with before that dark sleep of death when the body fails and the electrical energy of the brain is turned off… is SPIRIT. So, why not USE that SPIRITUAL energy DURING your life instead of waiting for the inevitable death? Why not … MAKE yourself a better person, one that is more in balance with nature and gives balance to the world around you? Why must we learn from catastrophic illness instead of lessons from those all around us?

    And that is the point of practice … it’s not just the Martial art but it transcends our aging body with it’s physical ills, it bolsters our spirit, and that is worth more than all the money and material goods in all the world. Feed your spirit and the nature of the world will give you the strength your aging body must give back to the world which created you. In the end .. all you are is spirit passing on the method and means for the world to learn to be a good spirit … or a bad one.

    Why do we have to grow old to learn this simple yet complex lesson? I, personally have and continue to deal with my physical body’s illnesses, and yet I find myself wanting to return to Aikido even if I must do the OLD MAN Aikido? Ah, the spirit .. the spirt needs to find the positive means to grow and give the physical body strength, if even for a few moments of physical practice… don’t ya think?

    Don’t wait for your physical body to fail to learn this lesson …

  3. ….Thank you for presenting this. If I heard it before, it didn’t register. Learning is like that. Only rarely do you actually hear that which you need…

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