Video: Hiroshi Tada at the 1986 All-Japan Demonstration

“One of Aikido’s Most Dynamic Senseis in Top Form!”

Hiroshi Tada Sensei is the last of the high-ranking instructors of the postwar generation within the Aikikai system. He started practice at the Hombu Dojo in 1950 while still a Waseda University student. Tada Sensei spent eight years instructing in Italy starting in 1964. He has also traveled extensively, especially in Europe, to teach aikido. Tada Sensei returns to Italy at frequent intervals to conduct seminars.

Following his return to Japan, Tada Sensei taught at the Hombu Dojo for a period of some 30 years, being one of the mainstays of the Aikikai instructors staff. He remains active teaching at several private dojos in the Tokyo area.

Tada Sensei displays the vigor of a man many years junior in age. At the time of this demonstration, he was ranked 8th dan. His dynamic technique, physical conditioning, and command of distance and blending provides much food for study for aikido aspirants.

Duration: 4:20
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