Video: John Goss, 7th dan Korindo Aikido, at Aiki Expo 2002 in Las Vegas

“The highly effect hanbo demonstrated at Aiki Expo 2002!”

John Goss Sensei operates a Korindo Aikido dojo in Baltimore, Maryland. He is also a long-time Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu student of Katsuyuki Kondo Sensei. Goss Sensei has also developed exceptional skills in the hanbo, a short-stick weapon with applications in such areas as law enforcement.

In this most unusual video clip, you will see Goss Sensei’s outstanding presentation of the hanbo at Aiki Expo 2002 held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The realism of this demonstration caught the audience by surprise and held them in rapt attention. In this performance, you will see yet another application of aiki skills to a weapon that will be unfamiliar to most.

Duration: 3:24
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