How one Dojo Instructor gave his students an amazing resource… and got a free subscription!

“Incenting subs to the Aikido Journal Members Site”

Barry Tuchfeld Sensei

In addition to supporting the good work on Aikido Journal, it is my belief that having Aikido students subscribe to the Members Site will enhance their knowledge and commitment to train. Our economy is very weak and several of our students cannot afford the full price of $29.75. So, I asked if Stan would consider incenting the dojo as everyone likes a challenge. I proposed we sell 10 memberships if he would “match” that with one free one.
Generously, Stan countered with offering 5 free memberships if we send him a check for $297.50 (10 x $29.75 )

I knew there were a few people who could afford a subscription and who could effectively subsidize others if they actually paid more. So, I started by announcing this after a class, and said the dojo would contribute $50, and spontaneously, two others said they would put in $50 (each). Needing only $145 more meant that we were able to give one (deserving) student a free subscription, and others put in between $5 and $20 to fill the pot.

The only problem was that I forgot the count, and we ended up with 15 students, but no subscription for me, the dojo cho! Guess that shows that if others are going to do this, they need to keep count!! :>)

P.S. Barry Sensei did indeed get a complimentary subscription for all his hard work and original thinking!

Barry Tuchfeld, Ph.D.

If your dojo would like to undertake a similar subscription drive and get free subscriptions for several members, please click on this link

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