Video: Morihiro Saito teaches jodori and jonage techniques inside the Iwama Dojo

This is a rare video indeed of Morihiro Saito Sensei instructing jodori and jonage techniques inside the Iwama Dojo in September 1988. These seldom taught jo techniques are advanced level material that form an integral part of the Iwama Aikido weapons curriculum.

Jodori (staff-taking) refers to a series of techniques where the empty-handed partner defends against jo thrusting attacks. In jonage (staff-throwing), nage holds the jo and uses it to execute a series of throws against an opponent who attempts to grab the weapon. Each technique is thoroughly explained and demonstrated by Saito Sensei.

The original footage was recorded on VHS videotape. Both the image quality and Saito Sensei’s instruction are excellent and easy to follow. Pat Hendricks appears as uke and also provides the interpretation. In addition, the footage is subtitled to facilitate study of the techniques presented.

We are indebted to Bernice Tom of Sunset Cliffs Aikido in San Diego, California for offering this video for the benefit of the larger aikido community.

Duration: 23:03
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  1. Jeff Dowdy says:

    Great footage where Saito Sensei mentions some points not mentioned in other video of him explaining these particular techniques. I imagine there is still a lot of footage floating around like this that is at risk of being lost. It is a great service to the aikido community to donate these to posterity. Thanks

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