Typhoon Relief sent to Motomichi Anno Sensei of Shingu

Motomichi Anno Sensei

Dear Aikido community,

Thank you very much for your caring response to the massive typhoon and flood damage in Kumano, Japan, where Anno Sensei lives. A number of you sent donations for relief funds, which I sent to Anno Sensei last week. He was very moved by this group gesture of support. Below, I have translated both my letter to him and his letter to all of you. Read on!As you probably recall, I have had to cancel my trip to Japan, which was scheduled to begin Oct. 28. There has just been too much typhoon damage in Kumano, and it will take months for the people and places there to recover. I plan to go in the spring. Meanwhile, I feel it is important to continue to put energy into maintaining the connection with Anno Sensei and Kumano, which has brought so much to all of us in Aikido. Take care everyone, and thank you for your loving support!

–Linda Holiday

October 20, 2011
Dear Anno Sensei,

This October in Santa Cruz has been a strange mix of hot days and cold days. I have been spending almost all of my time working on the completion of the book. I have just been on a five day writing intensive in Monterey.How has the recovery from the typhoon been, in Kumano? I know it is a really difficult time, but I am sure that everyone is pulling together and helping each other through. On Monday, I sent a wire transfer of $2000 to your bank in Shingu. I wonder if you have received it already. Usually when we send a wire transfer it is for the Aikikai registration fees. But this time the money is for a different purpose.This time, the funds I sent are for you and your wife. They are disaster relief funds from Aikidoists in America, from people who made donations to my dojo when they heard that your house was completely flooded in the typhoon. It is not a huge amount of money, but we would be very happy if you would accept it as a token of our love and respect. If it turns out that you and your wife do not need the assistance, could you please pass these relief funds on to people in your family, or in your dojo, who are suffering from the damage caused by the typhoon? Thank you. We are praying for your health, and for the well-being of all the people of Kumano.

Respectfully yours,
Linda Holiday

(Fax from Anno Sensei, Oct. 21, 2011)
Dear Linda Sensei,

Thank you for the fax you sent me today. It was most welcome. In addition, I gratefully accept the generous gift of $2000 in disaster relief funds from Aikidoists in America. I would like to express my deepest appreciation to everyone, for your heartfelt sincerity. Thank you.My wife and I bow to you in gratitude.Thanks to everyone, our living conditions here are becoming more stable day by day. Please don’t worry; we moved into our old house and we are currently living there.I started going to the dojo for morning classes again at the beginning of October. There are only a few people coming to train. But I feel it is especially important to train at times like this. So, with the resolve to get even one step closer to the true spirit of Aikido, I am urging my “old bones” on, and persevering daily in my practice.

On this occasion, I offer my deepest gratitude, from my heart to yours.

–Motomichi and Chihiro Anno

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