1st Aikido Friendship Demonstration with Saito, Nishio, Sunadomari, Kobabyashi, Saotome, and Kuroiwa Senseis!

Our special for this week offers you an incredible value… You get the classic “1st Aikido Friendship Demonstration,” a 2-DVD set featuring outstanding performances by six Aikido greats: Morihiro Saito, Shoji Nishio, Kanshu Sunadomari, Yasuo Kobayashi, Mitsugi Saotome, and Yoshio Kuroiwa. All of this delivered to your door for the price of $24.95 during this sale.

Why should you want to own this DVD set? This is one of the most significant Aikido events ever held. The demonstration took place in Tokyo in 1985 and was sponsored by Aiki News, the predecessor of Aikido Journal. It attracted more than 900 open-minded aikido enthusiasts who spent the better part of the day glued to their seats.

What was unique about this demonstration? These six teachers had an opportunity to express their training philosophies, and display their technique in depth, each one in turn. No three-minute, bam bam bam demonstrations, and off the stage! In their respective lecture demonstrations, each instructor lays out for you the best of his art.. the product of decades of training under the tutelage of Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba. You will have these moving images and their words—completely translated into English—at your fingertips whenever you need guidance and inspiration in your training.

Here is the roster of demonstrators, most of whom need no introduction:

MORIHIRO SAITO – One of Aikido’s most famous figures, 9th dan expert in taijutsu and the Aiki Ken and Jo. Famous for his authoritative technical books on aikido, and world traveler in pursuit of the spread of O-Sensei’s art.

SHOJI NISHIO – One of the art’s true innovators, possessor of a dynamic style built on long years of study in other disciplines melded superbly into his unique aikido. Speed, effectiveness, and elegance are the hallmarks of Nishio Sensei’s aikido.

KANSHU SUNADOMARI – An unknown gem in aikido’s history. Did you know Sunadomari Sensei also received an oral 10th dan from O-Sensei? His aikido is amazing and his skills blew away the audience!

YASUO KOBAYASHI – A unique man, very charismatic, who built a huge organization within the Aikikai network in Japan and abroad. His aikido style is classic Aikikai. He still takes ukemi for his students even though he in his 70s!

MITSUGI SAOTOME – One of the most highly regarded of contemporary aikido masters. His style of aikido is minimal and powerful. Razor sharp technique with superb control!

YOSHIO KUROIWA – A little-known aikido genius and former boxer captivated by O-Sensei’s aikido. As a young man he was notoriously strong… Also, an excellent essayist with a compelling message. His aikido is like no other!

In addition, the DVDs contain five rare bonus films featuring Morihiro Saito, Yasuo Kobayashi, and Mitsugi Saotome. This is amazing historical footage you’ve never seen before!

Check out the descriptions of this 2-DVD set jam-packed with some two-and-one-half hours of brilliant content:

Part 1 – Demonstrations by Yasuo Kobayashi, Mitsugi Saotome, Kanshu Sunadomari, Yoshio Kuroiwa.
Part 2 – Demonstrations by Shoji Nishio and Morihiro Saito.

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  1. I mention this in the ad copy, but did you know that the late Kanshu Sunadomari Sensei who appears prominently in this demonstration, was also awarded an oral 10th dan by O-Sensei? His aikido is splendid!

  2. When the 1st Friendship Demonstration was held in 1985, it caused quite a storm behind the scenes. Pressure was applied on several of the participants to withdraw from the event. Yasuo Kobayashi Sensei stood fast and kept his promise, earning my undying gratitude. I write about it here:

  3. So many memories come flooding back to me when I think of the 1st Friendship Demonstration. Even with an attendance of 900 people at the event. we lost money.. actually quite a lot of money! When I had to give a speech at the beginning of the demonstration–which you’ll see–I already knew what the financial outcome was.

    A couple of months later, when I was traveling in Europe with Saito Sensei as his interpreter, we showed the videotapes of the Friendship Demonstration wherever we went. When I came on to give my speech, Sensei pointed at the screen and said, “There’s Stanley’s worried face!” He really supported Aiki News in our efforts over the years!

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