Audio: Kenji Tomiki Interview, December 24, 1973

“Kenji Tomiki: The Scholar–Athlete who created his own vision of Aikido”

This is the first interview conducted by Aikido Journal Editor Stanley Pranin in Japan in four-decade-long odyssey of documenting aikido history. The subject of this first interview is the famous aikido teacher, Kenji Tomiki, a student of both Jigoro Kano and Morihei Ueshiba. Tomiki was also a Waseda University professor and the man who created a competitive style of aikido.

A revolution in the study of aikido history
Through the burgeoning number of documents being added almost daily to the Aikido Journal Members Site, you are now able to access carefully organized information on every aspect of aikido that was previously unavailable. Now, as we systematically upload the actual audio recordings of Stanley Pranin’s interviews, you will have the ability to listen in on hundreds of fascinating conversations with the greatest figures in aikido history! Despite the fact that most of these interviews are conducted in Japanese, you will gain a clear insight into the personality and mode of expression of each teacher. Moreover, most of the interviews have been translated into English for those who wish to delve further in their research. Your time spent educating yourself by listening to these recordings will surely have a profound impact on your study of aikido!

About Kenji Tomiki
Tomiki Sensei began studying Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu with Morihei Ueshiba Sensei in 1925 while a university student and competitive judoka. He assisted Morihei Ueshiba as an instructor and secretary during the Kobukan Dojo period before the war. After being repatriated following World War II, Tomiki was instrumental in the postwar spread of aikido and in fomenting a number of reforms in the judo world.

In this interview, Tomiki talks about martial arts history, the theory of Judo Founder Jigoro Kano, and the character of Morihei Ueshiba. A good deal of Tomiki Sensei’s comments in the recording are translated into English so readers will be able to follow along the thread of the interview.

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Note: Please use a headset to listen to this interview for best comprehension.

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