A word on subscriptions to the new Aikido Journal Members Site

As many of you know, we have recently launched a new Members Site as a repository for the vast materials in our aikido archives. You will be able to access the thousands of documents we have available in a more efficient way and quickly find answers to your questions.

Since the main Aikido Journal site and the new Members Sites are separate entities, the log on credentials are also separate. So if you are a current subscriber to the main site, and would like to access the new Members Site and have your subscription transferred over free of charge, here is the procedure:

  • Re-register at the new Members Site, by going here. You will immediately be sent a confirmation link by email. Click on the “Activation Link” to confirm your subscription. You will now be able to enter the new site as a “free subscriber.”
  • Go here to request the transfer of your original subscription to the new Member Site as a “paid subscriber.”
  • Click on the “topic” field and choose “Transfer subscription” from the drop-down list.
  • Enter your full name, email address, and any message and press “Submit.”

That’s it! We will retrieve your original subscription and transfer your credentials to the Aikido Journal Members Site and notify you. Please allow 24 hours for us to complete the task.

We appreciate your cooperation during this transition period.

Stanley Pranin


  1. Just started traing how much does it cost thx

  2. Robin Karlsson says:


    I first wish to plaudit the new site, it’s /going to be/ great!
    I LOVE your work and dedication!

    The new site is however excruciatingly slow at loading. Is this something you’re aware of and something that will be fixed? I’m currently experiencing 5-20 seconds loading time when moving back and forth between articles. I’m on a 100mbit fibre connection so loading these pages, made up of mostly text, should be less than 5 seconds.

    Loading most news sites around the world is about 5 seconds for me; from there loading an article is about 2-3 seconds on average.

    Best regards

    • Robin,

      We appreciate your feedback. Some of the slowness is due to the fact that queries are being run on thousands of pages to produce the results that speed up one’s searching. We will be moving to a faster server after the beta phase. We have to observe the traffic loads in order to choose the appropriate level of upgrade.

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