RESULTS – FOUR DIAMONDS 1024 Win a free e-book competition.

FOUR DIAMONDS 1024 Win a free e-book competition.

The answer is 4 – Counters receiving any technique into Ikkyo

The first technique is converted into Sankyo instead of Ikkyo.

The first winners with correct answers were:

* Miklos Kanyo

* Robin Karlsson

* Lee Wood  and * Andrew Pratt came in together so both received a copy of the e-book.

The competition is now closed.

Thank you to all participants.

Quite a few people also said 2 but if you look carefully the techniques do in fact get transitioned into Ikkyo. Even though for example the elements of the previous technique remain, the focus of ki is on the main technique which in this case is Ikkyo. Adjacent Techniques will have to be the subject of another book, chapter or at least a blog article.

Best wishes,
Nev Sagiba


  1. Transitions from Ikkyo to other techniques
  2. Transitions from any technique into Ikkyo
  3. Counters receiving Ikkyo into other techniques
  4. Counters receiving any technique into Ikkyo
  5. Ikkyo variable counters
  6. Ikkyo variable counters and some transitions
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