‘FOUR DIAMONDS 1024’ Now an eBook!

The ability to adjust seamlessly between techniques defines mastery. In most cases, this essential attribute of Aikido has been either ignored or guessed at, thereby often giving rise to incomplete training curricula. This book not only reveals the innate simplicity behind the apparent complexity of Aikido’s Transitions and Counters, but it provides a full spectrum of possibilities for practicing. Here it is, simplified in single drills of two techniques. When you can do these drills easily, you will be able to effect spontaneous responses to any attack economically and without forcing.


FOUR DIAMONDS 1024 – Basic Transitions and Counters of Aikido

This updated high resolution PDF e-book version of FOUR DIAMONDS 1024 – Basic Transitions and Counters of Aikido, contains comprehensively linked bookmarks entries configured for instant searching on a desktop, laptop, iPad or suitable phone. 

Not for beginners, it is recommended you purchase only if you thoroughly know your basic techniques. Otherwise you may not understand its purpose or intent. If you have a flexible mind of exploration and research, this book will enrich your Aikido beyond your wildest expectations! Include the 1024 exercise drills in your training practice and your mastery of transitions and counters will gain you consummate skill in Aikido.

FOUR DIAMONDS 1024, provides complete sets of exercise drill guidelines designed to remind you to explore a range of basic transitions and counters and their potentials. Work the drills. When practiced they unlock a further multitude of possibilities. This method of supplementing training allows you to discover the points of optimum efficiency best suited to your type.

Watch the VIDEO examples demonstrated here:
( * These are randomly selected Ikkyo sequences taken from the book’s first four facets on pages, 29, 47, 65 and 83)

  1. Transitions from Ikkyo to other techniques
  2. Transitions from any technique into Ikkyo
  3. Counters receiving Ikkyo into other techniques
  4. Counters receiving any technique into Ikkyo
  5. Ikkyo variable counters
  6. Ikkyo variable counters and some transitions

Win a free copy!

Win a free copy! One of the above video clips (1, 2, 3 or 4) contains a sequence that does not belong in the category it is shown. The first 3 people to identify it and the name the technique(s) correctly, will get a free copy of the e-book!

RESULTS – FOUR DIAMONDS 1024 Win a free e-book competition.
The competition is now closed.
The answer is 4 – Counters receiving any technique into Ikkyo

The first technique is converted into Sankyo instead of Ikkyo.
The first winners with correct answers were:
* Miklos Kanyo
* Robin Karlsson
* Lee Wood  and * Andrew Pratt came in together so both received a copy of the e-book.

Thank you to all participants.
Quite a few people also said 2 but if you look carefully the techniques do in fact get transitioned into Ikkyo. Even though for example the elements of the previous technique remain, the focus of ki is on the main technique which in this case is Ikkyo. Adjacent Techniques will have to be the subject of another book, chapter or at least a blog article.
Best wishes,
Nev Sagiba

In the book, these four methods are outlined using the following key techniques, exploring their interrelationships and extrapolating each basic technique in 64 ways (16 in each allegorical facet within the diamond). The method outlined provides an intuitive yet comprehensive array of training modalities from each kihon, yet based on simple and obvious principles that do not require memorising more than the 16 core basics, in order to unlock not only the 1024 possibilities revealed here, but endless more.

The Sixteen Key Techniques covered in this book (each technique extrapolated in 64 variables)

  • Ikkyo
  • Nikkyo
  • Sankyo
  • Yonkyo
  • Gokyo
  • Jujigarame
  • Kotegaeshi
  • Shihonage
  • Kaitennage
  • Iriminage
  • Tenchinage
  • Gyaku-Iriminage
  • Sumiotoshi (omote and ushiro)
  • Koshinage
  • Aikiotoshi
  • Obiotoshi

If you know your Aikido basics, you will love the possibilities it will open up. FOUR DIAMONDS 1024 – Basic Transitions and Counters of Aikido, contains years of solid dojo work. The first layers of mystery that make Aiki effective are stripped away to expose how simple the endlessly adaptive pathways of Takemusu variables can be.

The practiced will find the contents of this manual obvious. The sincere will find a way to interpret the Transitions and Counters revealed in it. The merely curious will find nothing.

Unless you have been practicing Aikido attentively, do not purchase this book.

The complete e-book:

FOUR DIAMONDS 1024 – Basic Transitions and Counters of Aikido: $24.99 AUD


  1. Fran Adams says:

    As a beginning student it is important for me to see where I am going. Nev’s book reminds me of the parable of Indras net. ” The Cosmos is a crossing of many threads of light. At the crossing of each thread is a jewel which reflects the light of each other jewel”. So too with the the many threads of energy of Aiki….at the crossings of the flows technique occurs in that moment. Through the book I can see possibilities.

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