“Detoxifying your body with stretching!,” by The Martial Arts Guru

“The blood has another function as well as feeding our cells with oxygen/nutrients. It also removes the byproducts of metabolism from our cells to prevent cellular damage, which over time can cause problems such as some forms of cancer. This is why I named this post “detoxifying your body with stretching.” We need to take our stretching routine and implement parts of it that can be done easily every single day to get the body moving and the blood flowing. Our bodies not only have the arteries and veins and most people think of when its traveling our bodies, but it also has smaller vessels called capillaries. These vessels have much less muscles tissue surrounding them and blood can pool in these areas and not circulate as well as it needs to. This diminishes its ability to effectively remove toxic byproducts from our body and this is the very thing we are trying to avoid.”

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