Human Logic Is Not Always Logical

Human logic is not always logical. Especially when it comes to matters of violence of any kind. This is because violence itself is entirely devoid of logic, being the intention to destroy instead of communicate.

Much of what we as humans, with our 98% or more unconsciousness, call logic, is by far totally illogical. But it sort of makes sense to us, in a similar manner as does running in front of a speeding car to livestock. I guess we will never know why that is so.

The Universe has other plans based on sustainability instead. But to apprehend this condition of existence, it is a requirement that we first open the eye of the soul, call it what you will.

The 98% or more we do not see, fail to see, or refuse to look at, or notice, has by far superior and more refined modes of operation.

For example, our histories are riddled with fear and manufactured lack-based economies, which just do not work in the long run. They lead to piracy, and it is not long until the pirates start to believe their own lies and fast race down the slippery slope of manufacturing more lack, then making more wars to steal, so they can continue to destroy natural abundance. Abundance is then interpreted as some kind of threat by the diseased minds who seek to drag the world into their criminal activity.

But abundance will never run out. Abundance is the nature of all existence, the Universe, the planets and everything else. Abundance cannot be escaped and it exists all around us, even when we fail to notice. Wise people through the ages have called it Divine Mercy instead.

Everything is a resource that can be tapped, and according to the Universe, it is all free. You pay only in the labour to modify it and make it more useful. Fruitful work has an energy gain that parasites will never know.

The gain is Light, the fundamental, expansive nature of the Universe. With Light all things are possible as we are today proving through all our technologies.

We are beings of Light as the original organic technology of our living existence daily demonstrates.

How can a mass of dust, water, air and a bit of warmth, feel, love, hate, think, move, see, hear, smell and taste; not to mention another 98%+ of possibilities as yet untapped?

Don’t look to your politicians for “freedom.” They will only tax you. Real freedom is within. It touches the eternal irretrievably and in such a way not even death can take away.

The higher and greater logic of the totality, by far transcends the limited and stultified spiritual crippledom that limps through existence seeking to eat, scratch, copulate and pilfer, in a state of blindness and fear of shadows that do not exist.

Aikido, at first, to the clumsy dunderhead of concreted and calcified mind, appears as a magical way of doing what they are already doing with life, contending.

Truly, this is the world of illusion.

It is self-evident that harmfulness will never resolve or cure the disease of harmfulness. Violence only serves to beget escalating violence. Nothing else. You can give it fancy names, hide it, lie about it, use numerous devices to make it sound good, but evil activity is, and remains evil. It is not a cure, but simply adds to evil and suffering.

A different paradigm of response ability is required. A lucid one. Sages throughout the ages all agree; harm does not resolve the question of harm, and harmony can only bear fruit in harmlessness.

On this basis, Aikido does not contend. It allows energy to express. Even violence, that too being another gift of the universal abundance. However, the wisdom of Aikido gets off the firing line, so as not to either express the “do it to them,” or “hit them back” disease of the bully; nor the “have-your-way-with-me,” attitude of the career victim and moral coward.

With integrity Aikido moves whilst retaining balance of mind and body, equilibrium being everything. Aikido does not impose, infringe or violate, but simply allows or assists the energy of discovery by permitting the attacker also, to discover the Law of Consequences.

The energy the attacker has generated, albeit perverted, has a trajectory. By not interfering, Aikido allows attackers to find themselves alone with their miscreation, and to deal with it. If they can. Instant karma if you like.

Aikido is efficient and truly economical, with all resources freely tapped from any part of the Universe that wants to offer a gift.

At first, especially to the damaged mind, what I have just iterated, will appear to make no sense. Indeed. That speaks for itself.

Only daily practice over time can unlock the perennial Source which is Universal Love and that which radiates from It with unlimited potential.

At this present stage of our evolution, more often than not, “logic,” as we think we know it, is a stultified mess existing only in limited minds blinded by the idea of lack and limitation.

Prohibitions have never worked, other than to escalate the very problem they seek to inhibit. But this usually underground and virulently so. You can ban all the guns, bombs and weaponry in the world, the ingredients of which they are made are innately harmless; but how do you ban the idiots who wield them harmfully? You can’t. That’s what wars are made of; two sets of idiots going at it, attempting in futility, to make each other obsolete. They always fail and harm themselves the most. Where are all the empires now?

Wiser is the understanding that we are all obliged to participate in healing their mental illness, beginning with our own predispositions of violence that lurk just under the surface of even the “nicest” person.

The higher and greater Logic of the Universe exists into the realms of abstraction and nuanced concatenations that must be reached and experienced in order to be understood.

One such method of experiencing such and touching potentials that would otherwise remain dormant in ourselves, is regular, personal challenge in the arts of Aiki Budo, since that touches the heights and the depths and the core of all things. Aikido is the art of harmonising attacking action; and it can become the science of harmonising all discord.

But to all things there is a price. Daily work, in this case overcoming one’s own terror, the limitations of body and mind which bind the soul in bars of illusion so thick and terrible, we could not face them suddenly and directly. The process must, needs be, one of gradual attrition.

Aikido is a science and an art that has scope beyond the confines of a dojo wall, but in all things teaches the highest forms of communication. Verily, communion. Understanding our common oneness.

Over time the Light generated in regular practice opens up a Way within us that is irrevocable.

We find ourselves in the infinite and vast Universe, where things are possible.

“Kami no hikari ni, hiraku kono michi.”
Morihei Ueshiba.

Nev Sagiba


  1. When the ear is truly ready to hear,

    The lips of wisdom appear,

    and Speak.

    Very, very well put. Press on Nev.

  2. Extremely interesting and exactly linked to my interests at the moment. I particularly enjoyed that sentence, “The 98% or more we do not see, fail to see, or refuse to look at, or notice, has by far superior and more refined modes of operation.”

    All in all it is a very inspiring article that I print to think upon. I’m slowly coming to that “divine” core and it’s a long stretch from my atheist background and beliefs…


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