Gallery of Screenshots from Morihei Ueshiba’s “Aiki Budo” DVD

Screenshot displaying Morihei's magnificent technique from the 1935 film "Aiki Budo"

35 magnificent stills from Morihei Ueshiba’s Film Masterpiece!

We have just uploaded a series of 35 screenshots from the famous 1935 “Aiki Budo” film, the only surviving film document from the prewar era.

Stanley Pranin comments: “If you want to know why I have been captured all these years by aikido, have a look at the amazing techniques of Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei, and you will understand why he has been such an inspiration all these years. Get these DVDs, your eyes will open wide!”

The “Aiki Budo” DVD together with the “Founder of Aikido” film comprise this week’s special offer, affordably priced at $24.95.

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  1. The beginning of this film is extraordinary. It has been said that detailed analysis of the techniques used by the founder from this video and time period are difficult because there is nothing to compare them to.

    This is true! However, there is now a famous documentary, shot by NHK in Iwama in 1973. Near the beginning of the film, Morihiro Saito Sensei is demonstrating what the narrator describes as “Aiki Gymnastics”. It is these techniques that I believe are exactly the same as the ones demonstrated by the founder in the 1935 Aiki budo film.

    If you want to see the techniques in normal speed go to youtube and search for NHK Saito Sensei documentary and check it out.

  2. Sorry, wrong video but I do believe it was shot at or around the same time (1973), the video on you tube is entitled Morihiro Saito sensei – Takemusu Aiki. My apologies, but my statement remains unchanged. The techniques are strikingly similar, if not exactly the same as those used by the founder in the beginning of Aiki Budo.

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