“What Is Your Responsibility in Training?” by George Ledyard

“Ok, so I am attending a seminar with a teacher who decides to do a sword class. I am excited because this teacher’s sword work is extraordinary and I love sword. The teacher started out with a basic flow exercise, which as it happens, is in the first chapter of his sword video which has been around since VHS days. He demonstrated then set folks to work. Folks were pretty much mangling the exercise so he stopped them and showed it again, this time a bit slower. The same thing happened. In fact it happened four times. By the end Sensei was furious. And, I have to say, I was furious.”

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  1. Maria E. Phillips says:

    I hear that you are still furious and want to control others so that the seminar experience is what you think you need it to be or just plain want it to be. Were I in your seminar scenario, I would need to ask myself “Given that Sensei chooses to dumb-down instruction, what is MY responsibility to myself and my training in this space and this time?” How do I harmonize with the incompetence of others around me and the anger I am having about it?”

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