“Ukemi: The Basics and the Journey thus Far,” by Andrew

“Ukemi is one of the most important components of being an Aikido practitioner, it is also from my experiences with other teachers one of the most abstract – and consequently misunderstood – aspects of the martial art. I might expand on this in the future, but for now I’m going to share with you some of the insights that I have witnessed, experienced, failed at, and done in terms of Ukemi.

Ukemi is also the art of protecting oneself during the fall. You see all these spectacular turns, rolls, and falls by aikidoka and you may wonder: “It’s all flashy stuff, but it is real?” My friends, from the injuries that I’ve sustained from not doing ukemi, I will attest that it is quite real.”

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  1. Its not nice to take full impact ukemi late in life

  2. Yoshinkan Aikido is Judo style Ukemi….because most Japanese Police have a Judo background…


  3. Yoshinkan Ukemi is a little different than Aikikai style…..


    • I think you double posted there.

      Anyway, yes Yoshinkan is a little different. Keep in mind Taisho that there is really no such thing as a “Aikikai” style. It’s simply just the name of the main organization is directly from Hombu Dojo in Tokyo. At this point, I will admit I can possibly see why most Judo practitioners would go for Yoshinkan.

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