Koichi Tohei, Aikido’s First 10th dan, and “Aikido With Ki”

Where did the aikido we practice today come from? A man who played a critical role in the gestation of modern aikido is Koichi Tohei. Today, Tohei Sensei is a forgotten name in many quarters, surely an unconscionable omission. Through his many books in both Japanese and English, and his extensive travels in Japan and the USA, Tohei Sensei left a permanent mark on the content and pedagogy of aikido during the postwar period.

Every bit of well-researched information concerning the art adds to your storehouse of knowledge, and makes you a more well-rounded aikidoka. The Koichi Tohei Sensei DVD may fill a gap in your understanding of how modern-day aikido came into being. Tohei Sensei was one of the most outstanding of the early teachers, yet you may know very little about him. Now you can easily remedy this situation by absorbing the contents of this information-packed DVD. You will begin to understand his vast contributions to the art, and get a first-hand look at his teaching methods and execution of aikido techniques.

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