“Lessons from running and going barefoot with Vibram Five Fingers,” by The Martial Arts Guru

One of my aikido students, Brandon, has been wearing these shoes for two years. He has raved about them. I keep asking him to show me the bottom of his shoes to see how much they have worn. After two years, almost no wear! I’m just about ready to buy a pair myself!

“It only seems like yesterday that I was talking with a Yoga instructor about the strange looking shoes he was wearing. These shoes just so happen to be the increasingly popular Vibram Five Fingers! He was telling me about the benefits that he noticed by wearing them while teaching yoga, and I became intrigued to find out more information. I started doing research on Vibram, learning about their history in the sole making industry and just how these strange shoes came to be. The philosophy behind the idea of barefoot running made so much intuitive sense to me; why change something that nature has already proved to us over time? Think about it, why do we add extra stuff to our feet that will change our posture over time due to the un-natural interaction between us and the ground? This simply is not necessary!”

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