Morihiro Saito’s Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo preserve O-Sensei’s weapons research

Our special for this week is the famous Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo DVD set by Morihiro Saito Sensei, 9th dan. These DVDs cover all of the basic Iwama weapons forms of the aikido sword and staff curriculum as taught by Saito Sensei over a period of several decades.

The material presented in these DVDs preserves the weapons legacy of Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba. Saito Sensei was taught these forms in Iwama during his study under O-Sensei and later systematized them into an elaborate bukiwaza curriculum.

Here is the content of these authoritative DVDs:

AIKI KEN: the Aiki Ken DVD covers the 7 ken suburi, ki musubi no tachi, 5 kumitachi and henka no tachi.

AIKI JO: the Aiki Jo DVD includes the 31 jo kata, 20 jo suburi, 31 jo kumijo, 10 kumijo, and 13 jo awase.

Both discs offer you a choice of three languages to view the presentations: Japanese, English, or French.

We offer this set at the special price of $24.95 for both the ken and jo DVDs, allowing all serious practitioners to build their video libraries.

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