GlimmerScape: “Hitoemi: single layer,” by Jeff Dooley

Hitoemi posture

“As we extend into the thrust it is important to rotate the back hip behind as the back foot establishes hanmi. In this posture the entire body lines up into a single plane, such that the opponent can only see the front edge. The rest of the body is obscured. The Japanese name for this posture is ‘Hitoemi.'”

“In the picture O-Sensei shows how Hitoemi is both an offensive and a defensive posture. It is offensive because it is adopted in the process of making a strike. it is defensive insofar as there is very little body surface for the opponent to target. It is like you are slicing straight through to the center of the opponent, while at the same time flattening out off line so that the opponent’s attack misses. Pretty sneaky, but that’s how it’s done.”

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  1. Body movement is so important to all moves in aikido and any other martial arts. It’s no wonder it takes a long time to be good at it.

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