“Initiative is key!” by The Martial Arts Guru

“Practice in this way, over time, will help develop the initiative in your movement and presence. Once you are comfortable with these concepts taking your aikido to the next level will gradually happen and new avenues will start showing up. You will start to notice you can affect your partner from further distances and even take his mind before the physical technique even happens.”

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  1. There are two conditions to make that possible:

    Learn and practice basics over and over again.

    Be sincere and present in one’s attacks and defenses.

    Beginners tend to rush to learn more techniques and advanced concepts before mastering basics. As teachers we are greatly responsible for the devolution of aikido into a show. We should not be motivated by the fear of losing students and entertain them in order to keep them coming to the dojo. If we ask students what they want — not what they need, they will dictate what we should do for them, take over the dojo and make it into a social club.

    Mochizuki Sensei used to repeat that “truth can only be built on truth”. It means that no matter how logical a process may be, the most essential condition for it to work is the fact that its fundation must be true.

    Nishio Sensei had the courage to go beyond the instruction that was provided at his time and look for a process of evolution similar to what some of the pre-war students went through. It should inspire serious students to do the same.

    To shugyosha, Praise and Criticism are two sides of the same thing.

    Patrick Augé

  2. Thanks for the comment Patrick.

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