Stanley Pranin’s Video Blog: “How I Started Aikido”

Aikido Journal Editor Stanley Pranin describes how he began aikido in Southern California back in 1962. This is the story of how the witnessing of an act of violence changed the course of a young man’s life. Who could have imagined back then how his life could have been transformed through this new martial art that was almost totally unknown at the time?

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  1. Stanley, nice to listen to your “starter” story :-))))

    • Gordon Shumaker says:

      Very nice. I think this is the type of incident that motivates many people to investigate the martial arts.
      So, you started in Yosinkan Aikido, but did you switch to another style at some point? If so, why?

  2. thank you stanley i am a yellow belt aikibudo student
    and plan on doing more next semester at four times a week
    this week end its AIKIBUDO FESTIVAL a full week end
    thank you for this video

    love the art in you not you in the art


  3. Stanley, I would like to appreciate that you can share your beginnings in Aikido, really it´s very interesting. I’m one was born in 1962 like you said, and I follow your site from many years ago. Today, I’m 3th Dan in Argentina where the stakes are really high; in fact, I have 20 years on the “Path”.

    I just said thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience.
    A respectful greeting, Sensei.
    Gustavo Romano
    (sorry by my english!)

    PS: my other site in aikidojournal is:

  4. It’s interesting to read your feedback and stories. I wrote more in detail about how I started and what happened after that in this article:

  5. GREAT! Thank you for sharing your story. I always find these things very interesting, and hearing the story of a long time Aikido practitioner is even more interesting. Thank you Mr. Pranin.

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