“Landing page” showcases Aikido Journal Weekly Specials

In the last couple of months we have been using what are referred to as “landing pages” to showcase the various discounted offers we have been making. The use of this sort of device in Internet marketing has become very widespread. These pages are sometimes called “squeeze pages,” a term which may be more appropriate for aikidoka!

Here we can spotlight the offer in a very appealing way and explain the products in detail to our readers. We can also provide links to additional information that will help potential customers see what benefits a purchase would have for them. Examples are embedded videos, links to screenshots, catalog descriptions, pdf files, etc.

Everything is in one place and concentrates attention on the special in question. Check out the link below for this week’s special and to see a landing pages in action. Watch out for the “squeeze”!

Landing page for Morihiro Saito’s “Lost Seminars” Special for this week