“On Transforming Your Aikido,” by Stanley Pranin

The piercing eyes of Morihei survey the Iwama Dojo
as students train from the Founder of Aikido DVD

The man who created aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, was a most extraordinary person. He lived in an age of history that was tumultuous and brought out the best and worst in people. For Morihei, the circumstances he lived in and the people he came into contact with provided fertile ground for his creative energies.

Morihei was the genius who modified the martial techniques he received from his teachers–primarily, Sokaku Takeda–and forged a new ethical vision of the true purpose of martial arts. The techniques of his newly-conceived aikido served as the vehicle for the transmission of his vision to future generations.

We as aikidoka have benefited from Morihei’s foundational work through our own teachers who were his students, and his student’s students. We are three, four, or even five generations removed from the Founder.

Consider the following: where should we go for inspiration and to discover the root principles that underlie aikido? Is it farfetched to suggest that the art’s Founder is a good place to start?

The “Founder of Aikido” DVD that we offer this week contains a goldmine of content. Finally, you can see and hear Morihei O-Sensei as he appeared and moved in his vigorous 70s. Watch his movements and what preceeds them. Observe how he sets up the technique so that his partner cannot mount a strong attack. Notice how he is relaxed when applying techniques.

There is a tremendous amount to be learned through viewing, and reviewing Morihei’s films… over and over again. All aikidoka determined to develop their art and abilities to a high level now have access to the source. Study and grow, and reap the benefits as aikido transforms your life!

Your next step is to click on the link below, and read what is written there. Watch the video trailer which will give you a taste of what to expect in the “Founder of Aikido” DVD. Consider this purchase and what it can mean for your personal development in aikido and your life.

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