Passing of Seiseki Abe Sensei on May 18

Seiseki Abe (1915-2011)

We just received news via Chuck Holland of the passing of Seiseki Abe Sensei at the age of 96. Seiseki Abe Sensei was one of the closest students of Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba of the postwar period. A resident of Osaka, in addition to his many decades of devotion to aikido, Abe Sensei was a renowned calligrapher and actually taught calligraphy to O-Sensei. He remained active teaching until shortly before his passing.

Below is the text of the sad news from Haruo Matsuoka Sensei:

“I received the sad news a few hours ago that Abe Sensei, our mentor, passed away last night (LA time). He passed away peacefully on May 17th (Tue.), at 10 pm (LA time). So I decided to participate in his funeral this coming Saturday at 11:30 am (Japan time; Friday night in LA time). I will leave tomorrow (Thur.) morning and will be back on Monday (next week). I’m sorry I won’t be able to teach the classes at the both dojos the rest of this week.

I was glad to see Abe Sensei last month and shake hands. And we should proud of that we did many seminars over the years. We have many memories and many great moments together with him and raised many capable people. I truly, truly appreciate all of your support on and behind the scenes to make many positive things happen with him since ’91.

We now would like to send prayers for him and celebrate his life!

Thank you

Haruo Matsuoka”

Here are two interviews with Abe Sensei conducted in Japan by Aikido Journal Editor Stanley Pranin:
Interview with Seiseki Abe (1982)
Interview with Seiseki Abe (1998)


  1. Deepest sympathy and condolences to the family, friends and supporters for the late Seiseki Abe Sensei. Their loss may well be beyond our comprehension, but the loss to the greater Aikido world may prove even more over time.

    Again, we are left with few first hand accounts and reminders of the greatness of one of O Sensei’s treasured mentors and direct students. Thank you Stanley Pranin for doing your part in sharing a bit of this greatness with us.

    Let us resolve,once again, to properly honor and treasure those remaining links to O Sensei while they still move amongst us, hiding in plain sight.

    May Abe Sensei find his rest for the ages, one he so richly worked so hard to deserve.

  2. From old Japanese TV program here…

  3. our heart felt condolence message to the family & students from Hyderabad Golden Dragons dojo & Indo-Kendo Renmei

  4. Through my years of practice I have always heard about Abe Sensei and actually practiced with hundreds of his students who used to come to Iwama to learn from Morihiro Saito Shihan. I only met Abe Shihan once in Iwama in 2001 when he visited the dojo and looked at morning class while Morihiro Sensei taught. He was kindly hosted by Hitohira Saito Sensei in his Tanrenkan. He was very tall and dressed very handsomely. Abe Sensei had a very straight relationship with the Saito’s, amongst other reasons, because of his own close relationship with O’Sensei.
    I know Abe Sensei will be deeply morned by Hitohira Saito Sensei and his family.
    Deepest condolences to his wife, family and students who loved him so much.
    May Abe Shihan rest in peace

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