Weekly Special: O-Sensei’s “Aiki Budo” DVD + Stanley Pranin’s “Aikido Pioneers – Prewar Era”

This week’s special offer will provide you with key materials for an understanding of Morihei Ueshiba’s fascinating odyssey as he transformed the techniques he had learned from Sokaku Takeda into something fundamentally different: the graceful, dynamic forms of aikido that seek to neutralize violence without sacrificing their martial integrity.

First of all, we bring you the most significant document from the prewar era to have survived. I refer to the rare 1935 Asahi News film of Morihei Ueshiba shot in Osaka. Morihei demonstrates a wide array of splendid Aiki Budo techniques whose power and grace will make you marvel. We are so fortunate to be able to witness and study Morihei at this pivotal point in his martial arts career.

The second item comprising our special offer is Stanley Pranin’s essential book, “Aikido Pioneers – Prewar Era.” This monumental work contains carefully edited and footnoted interviews with 20 of Morihei’s closest disciples prior to World War II. These early students provide first-hand accounts of the personality and activities of Morihei Ueshiba during his early career. Any vague notions you may have had about the origins of aikido will be replaced by a thorough understanding of Morihei’s movements and actions during this turbulent period of Japanese history.

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