“Koichi Tohei: Ongaeshi – Repayment of Kindness,” by Stanley Pranin

“In recent issues we have had a new cause to champion. We are intent on restoring the good name and accomplishments of one of aikido’s greatest teachers who has too long been overlooked or forgotten in many aikido circles. The man of whom I speak is Koichi Tohei… The name of Koichi Tohei is on everyone’s lips. He is now in his vigorous 40s, handsome, charming, and physically gifted. He is a fluent speaker of English, the author of best-selling books on the art. He is supremely confident, a wonderful teacher. He is the chief instructor of the World Headquarters Dojo, the Mecca of aikido, and he is the “ambassador of ki.” Yes, Koichi Tohei is the man every devotee wants to see in the flesh, the one whose techniques are to be emulated, the one who inspires. His interpretation of techniques represents ‘the’ standard.”

The above text is from Stanley Pranin’s article titled Koichi Tohei: Ongaeshi – Repayment of Kindness. We would like to invite you to read this essay to get a feel for the historical importance of Koichi Tohei Sensei to the development of aikido in the postwar era.

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