Gallery of Screenshots from Koichi Tohei’s “Aikido With Ki”

Please have a look at this excellent selection of 25 screenshots we have uploaded to our Facebook page from Koichi Tohei”s “Aikido With Ki.” This together with the “Aiki News / Aikido Journal Back-issue” DVD comprises the two products of our special sale for this week!

Album of screenshots from Koichi Tohei”s “Aikido With Ki” on Facebook!

For this week’s Aikido Journal special, we offer the first and only DVD to cover the topic of Koichi Tohei’s many contributions and activities to the early spread of aikido. This DVD also explores the preparatory exercises and basic techniques developed by Tohei Sensei aimed at developing the use of ki in aikido. The highlight of the program is a lengthy section featuring rare footage of a seminar taught by Tohei Sensei in his prime.

The second product you will receive as a bonus in this special is a one-of-a-kind DVD containing thousands of pages of magazine articles covering every aspect of aikido. It features the entire contents of Aiki News / Aikido Journal published over two-and-one-half decades in easy-to-access PDF format.

Click here for more information and to order Koichi Tohei”s “Aikido With Ki” and the “Aiki News / Aikido Journal Back-issue” DVD at the special price of $24.95, this week only!

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