Masterful Presentation of Aikido’s Fundamentals by Morihiro Saito!

What are the essential elements of correct aikido practice? A good command of basic technique surely tops the list of requirements. That’s where this week’s special comes in… Morihiro Saito Sensei, 9th dan–one of aikido’s most highly regarded technicians and teachers–systematically covers many of the art’s basic techniques for you with his “Lost Seminars” DVD and “Takemusu Aikido” book series.

This time, our special consists of Saito Sensei’s “Lost Seminars, Part 1, and “Takemusu Aikido: Background & Basics.” This DVD/book combination will take you step-by-step through scores of aikido basics, providing you with specific hints on the do’s and don’ts of proper technique.

During his instruction, Saito Sensei constantly refers to the techniques and principles emphasized by Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba. Learning in this way, you will be tied in to the art’s roots, and be assured of the authenticity of the practice methods being taught.

Click here to order Morihiro Saito’s Sensei’s DVD “Lost Seminars, Part 1” and book “Takemusu Aikido: Background & Basics” at the special price of $29.95!

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