Historical context for “Budo”: “Kobukan Dojo Era, Part 2,” by Stanley Pranin

When Morihei Ueshiba’s technical manual “Budo” appeared in 1938, he was well advanced in his development of the forms that soon would emerge as modern aikido. Since this book is of such pivotal importance to an understanding of what Morihei’s techniques were like in the late prewar era, we think it appropriate to provide readers with some historical background concerning the events surrounding its publication.

Budo contains 50 pages and is divided into two parts: an essay on “The Essence of Techniques,” and a second part presenting 50 techniques demonstrated by Morihei through photographs. The material covered includes preparatory exercises, basic techniques, knife and sword-taking techniques, sword vs. sword forms, mock-bayonet techniques, and finishing exercises. Budo is the only written work in which the founder personally appears demonstrating techniques.”

The above text is from Stanley Pranin’s article titled Kobukan Dojo Era – Part 2. We would like to invite you to read through this essay to acquire a good feel for the era in which “Budo” appeared.

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