O-Sensei’s iriminage from “Budo” book!

The “Iriminage” technique of aikido is considered one of the crowning jewels of the art. Many consider the technique to be an original creation of Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba. It is a powerful and sophisticated movement of great beauty. We have created a photo album on Facebook with images of O-Sensei performing this technique together with another set of Morihiro Saito performing the same one. Below is the accompanying description of the technique. Both of these are extracted from Morihiro Saito’s “Budo” book available as part of this week’s special.

1-2. When your partner grabs your left wrist firmly with his right hand, put ki energy into the fingertips of your left hand and turn your palm upward. Take a large step to your partner’s right side with your left foot, while extending your left hand diagonally to the right. Then grab your partner’s right wrist with your right hand and release your left hand from his grip. At the same time, turn your body to the right 180 degrees and look in the same direction as your partner.

3. Hold your partner’s collar from behind with your left hand. The Founder said on this point, “Bring your hand toward your chest.”

4. Step through with your right foot and throw your partner as though pushing his neck down with your inside right elbow.

5. Be stable and stay in a correct hanmi position after throwing your partner. Put ki energy into your fingertips and protect yourself from any further attack.

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Click here for more information on O-Sensei’s “Budo” book and to obtain it together with Morihiro Saito’s companion DVD as part of this week’s Aikido Journal special

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