What does this man have to do with Morihei and Aikido?

A lot it turns out… This man was named Prince Tsunenori Kaya, and he was a member of the collateral branch of the Japanese Royal family. The famous “Budo” technical manual that we often allude to was prepared specifically for Prince Kaya, who would later ascend to the rank of Lieutenant-General in the Imperial Army.

Prince Kaya had a fascinating career and was also an avid sports fan and loved baseball. He even met famous baseball player Babe Ruth during a world tour he made that included a visit to the United States. Prince Kaya was also fond of the martial arts and became the honorary president of the Kokusai Budoin (International Martial Arts Society) from 1953-1957.

Morihei Ueshiba maintained a connection with Prince Kaya even after the war. He is an example of yet another member of the elite of Japanese society of the prewar era who supported Morihei and helped insure the birth of aikido.

We have prepared a free pdf file containing the entire introduction to “Budo” by Morihiro Saito that documents the history of this important technical volume that stands as a milestone in Morihei Ueshiba’s technical evolution that culminated with the creation of modern aikido. Saito Sensei carried this book with him wherever he went to demonstrate the pedigree of the techniques he was teaching.

Download free pdf file containing the entire introduction to “Takemusu Aikido Special Edition: Budo” written by Stanley Pranin.

Click here for more information on how you can obtain Morihiro Saito’s fascinating commentary on the book “Budo” and the accompanying DVD which comprise this week’s special.

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