O-Sensei’s amazing aikido on DVD!

I have been involved in aikido for 48 years now. Most advanced students and instructors I have come into contact with express great admiration for the founder of aikido, Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei. For most, he represents the highest level of skill so far attained in the art. If this is so and you, too, aspire to greatness in the art, why not investigate exactly what O-Sensei was doing, technically speaking? Fortunately, many priceless films of the founder have been preserved and are available through Aikido Journal. Why not make the commitment to take your skills to the next level by scrutinizing the amazing art of Morihei Ueshiba?

Stanley Pranin
Editor-in-chief, Aikido Journal

We have released the last installment of the Morihei Ueshiba video series titled “Divine Techniques,” which completes the set of six DVDs on the life and technique of the Founder of Aikido.

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“Divine Techniques” is comprised of a collection of 12 films of O-Sensei—several of them in color—from the period of 1962 to shortly before his death in 1969. It also includes a heretofore unpublished audio recording of the Founder’s voice replete with complete English subtitles.

See below for screen shots of some of the action highlights:


  1. Norm Heller says:

    I was there for the “last public demonstration” of Osensei in the back of hombu dojo watching. An amazing and wonderful demonstration. I knew Osensei’s health was failing as at times I would be behind him going up the stairs to the mat area. He would have senior students and sometimes other sensei with him but he never leaned on them or required their assistance. He moved very slowly up the stairs and we stayed behind him of course. Once on the mat though, he came alive and all signs of illness totally disappeared. Watching, even though his body was failing, I believe his spirituality was increasing. Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba did a great 6 person attack that day. He never took more than one step in any direction and never repeated the same technique twice. His timing and precision was unbelievable. Saotome sensei was one of the ukes for both Osensei and Doshu.
    Stan, you and I practiced together for a short time while you were at hombu dojo. This was just before you went into the army. You probably don’t remember me but that’s alright. I tend to be very low key. The question is, do you have the complete film of Osensei’s last demonstration? I would like to see Doshu’s part of the demonstration again and any part of the demonstration that is not presented in the set of DVDs. I have the set though all on VHS tapes which I bought when they first came out years ago.
    Norm Heller

  2. …have been able to gauge my progress over the years by how much of what O Sensei was doing I’ve been able to see. very early in my career Hans Goto put a super-8 film of O Sensei in a film editor and we tried to parse out a technique frame by frame. didn’t work. the parts we needed were between the frames. the particular technique “came to me” much later…

  3. I’ve read and heard many times Saito sensei describing the differences between what people saw in Tokyo and what he was teaching Iwama. He would say that O-sensei would deliberately change with a mind to his techniques being “stolen.” I’m curious how much that is a factor in these videos from the 50s and 60s, and even perhaps the 1935 Asahi News footage. Just a thought. All the best!

  4. I seriously doubt he was worried about anyone stealing his techniques because techniques weren’t what made him special. If that were the case we’d see more than 4-5 of his long time students who really demonstrated a smidge of the power that made him the legend he was, yet we don’t see any of that. His techniques didn’t make him special, it was the things he did off the mat, that powered those techniques and nobody else was doing that and I’m quite sure he knew that too. Besides, you can see him demonstrating that power often enough in videos, so he wasn’t afraid of showing it. It was the stuff that everyone wrote off as being supernatural or spritual right before they went back to doing waza…

  5. YES…Mostly LEGEND…and a LOT of BS about him.

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