“When it’s time to move on,” by David Shevitz

“The phone call was a welcome one, and not unexpected. An old friend of mine, a fellow aikido instructor, was on the other end of the phone. I had been trying to reach him to see if he was able to come to a seminar I was hosting, and if I could provide any assistance to ensure he had a comfortable (read: economical) trip. The voice that greeted me on the other end of the line was filled with that calm resignation that comes only from someone who has made a difficult decision, and now must share the results of that decision.”

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  1. I have had an hiatus of nearly 4 years now since 2007 after training continuously since 1975, but still train most days on my own….. I hope to resurrect a dojo come late summer, but it will be a matter of cost and only if I can afford to carry on the responsibility of being there when others can’t be bothered. This is the downside of running a dojo, there are many who say “Oh I really want to do that” and then only after a few weeks find the physical challenge to great and make up excuses not to train. Many start but few remain…
    I have remained, because I can’t stop…

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