“How to receive the Aikido Journal newsletter,” by Stanley Pranin

Since the cessation of our daily newsletter some weeks ago, many of you have written asking how you can again begin receiving regular mailings from Aikido Journal. We are now sending out newsletters on a somewhat less frequent basis using our email management partner Aweber, one of the leaders in this field. This has the added advantage of providing us with a host of useful statistics to allow us to better serve our readership.

If you are not currently receiving our free newsletter and would like to, simply enter your name and email address in the box titled “Free Audio Lecture” just below the navigation menu to the right here on the Aikido Journal start page. In addition to receiving announcements several times per week, you will gain access to an in-depth audio lecture and a series of important historical articles free of charge.

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  1. Christopher Pass says:

    I have relocated and am using a new e-mail. I enjoy the informative reading. I am a beginning Aikido student and find the information, historical essay and resources very valuable to my training in aikido. My first martial arts teacher, Soke F. Goody (Arashi Yama no Matsuyama), was a student of O’sensei in 1934. He had opportunity to meet many of the historical individuals I have read about in the Aikido Journal. In 1934 he was a young teen from the United States. He was given the great opportunity to train in Japan via family connections/introductions. He worked his way over on a steam freighter. He returned after the war to complete his training with his former teachers. It is a wonderful historical connection and a constant remainder to me of the value of the gifts of Budo knowledge I’ve been given.

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