Photo Album of Seigo Yamaguchi, 8th dan, on AJ Facebook page

We have just uploaded 11 rare photos of the late Seigo Yamaguchi Sensei from a performance given at the All-Japan Aikido Demonstration c. 1992. This week’s special consists of a 2-DVD set featuring Seigo Yamaguchi Sensei, 8th dan, and his brilliant student Christian Tissier Sensei, 7th dan. The two DVD titles are “Seigo Yamaguchi: A Seminar in Paris” and “Christian Tissier: An Aikido Odyssey”, both now available for only $24.95 during this time-limited sale.

This special will remain in effect for a few more hours, so please hurry!

Click here for information and to order the Yamaguchi-Tissier DVD set at the special price of $24.95 today only!

Click to view the Seigo Yamaguchi photo album on Facebook

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