“Follow up report on Iwama Dojo,” submitted by Carl

The message below submitted as a comment is from Carl who resides in Iwama. Carl offers a status report of the current damage to the Iwama Dojo as a result of the many aftershocks that have occurred since the horrific earthquake that struck Japan last week.

I’m moved to read that people are already talking about donations to rebuild the founder’s dojo.

At present it is much as is described above with the ceiling caving in and walls at angles. Each aftershock brings the ceiling a little lower. Isoyama Shihan was teaching a seminar in Yamanashi when the quake hit but has now made it back to Iwama. Inagaki Shihan and Watahiki Shihan have been salvaging what they can. All other teachers and deshi are accounted for.

Keiko continues in the Aiki Shrine.

Iwama Budokan is also out of action.

Friends from the Shin Shin dojo came to pay their respects and said the tanrenkan is okay.

Nemoto’s Aiki House and Nisshinkan dojo seem alright – just a bit of broken glass visible from the outside. Nemoto Sensei and his wife are alright I hear.

Electricity and water have now been restored to Iwama although there is still no fuel available and the main joban line will be down for some time.

Carl in Iwama

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