Recommended reading: “An Aikido Life, Part 2” by Gozo Shioda

“You cannot say that you will never encounter situations where the strong bully the weak or where someone acts in an unjust manner or where you yourself are exposed to danger. If you ever find yourself in these types of situations, you may of course control the opponent using the aikido you have learned. However, you should never lose your temper out of hate for the enemy. If that happens, you will lose your pure mental state which is important in aikido and won’t be able to execute proper techniques.”

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  1. In my experience that is so true. Fighting is a state of mind, for lack of a better word, egotistical. The best that the conscious mind can do, in aikido, is forms. Now, if you’re strong enough or lucky enough “doing” a form may work in a situation. But the lack of intuitive spontaneity will provide opportunities for a more flexible adversary and openings for the intervention of his friends. Amazingly, while it has taken me years to go as far as I have with aikido technique, part of me grasped, and was able to apply, the spontaneity at an early point in my training.

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