“Another Aikido Stamp,” by Clark Bateman

These scans depict last year’s issue by the Republic of Togo of a commemorative martial arts postage stamp set of four. As you can see, O’Sensei is in good company in this set. Other than the “Disneyfied” cartoon stamp from Antigua and Barbuda that I ran here a few years back, I believe this the only other legitimate Aikido stamp in print. It certainly is a more dignified issue. I can’t help but wonder as I look at the “action drawing ” on the stamp whether somebody “borrowed” a Pat Hendricks photo to make that drawing… Hmmm…

Below is the block of four commemorative stamps depicting Morihei Ueshiba, Masutatsu Oyama of Kyokushin Karate fame, Choi Hong Hi of Taekwondo, and Jigoro Kano of Judo:

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