24-hour sale! O-Sensei-s “Way of Harmony” + “Noriaki Inoue: Aikido’s Forgotten Pioneer”

We offer you another outstanding opportunity with this week’s special sale. It features one of the finest DVDs of Aikido Founder Morihei Ueshiba, “Way of Harmony,” plus an eye-opening retrospective on O-Sensei’s nephew, Noriaki Inoue. Both are available for the price of $24.95, a phenomenal offer available for 24 hours!

O-Sensei’s “Way of Harmony” includes several of the finest surviving clips of the Founder of Aikido. You will witness the sophistication and subtlety of the Founder’s aikido and comprehend the high-level potential inherent in the art.

Who is Noriaki Inoue? He’s the man whose existence establishment historians have actively sought to obscure. Why? Because his role in the early phase of the development of aikido was so critical, and because of personal and family issues that emerged over the years. From the period of around 1914 through 1935, wherever Morihei was, Inoue was there at his side playing a pivotal role.

What is Inoue’s aikido like? Some consider him on a par with his famous uncle Morihei. That good? Yes, that good. You can be the judge when you see him in action.

What is the benefit of owning these two rare DVDs? To start off, you will have priceless footage of two of the most skilled martial artists in the art’s history. You will be exposed to countless examples of expert blending, balance-taking, and control using aikido techniques of the highest caliber. Also, you will come to know these two remarkable individuals through their own words by listening to recordings of their actual voices.


This exciting DVD showcases rare films of the Founder taken between the years of 1958 and 1962. In addition, a never-before-heard audio interview of O-Sensei is presented in its entirety for the first time. Here is a full list of the contents:

* Aikikai Hombu, 1958 – Highlights of a class and demonstration given at the World Aikido Headquarters in Tokyo.

* TV Documentary, 1958 – This film was shot contemporaneously with the American tv documentary “Rendez-vous with Adventure” by an amateur cameraman.

* Aikikai Hombu, 1959 – The footage contained in this film preserves some of the finest action scenes ever of the Founder.

* Aikikai Hombu, 1960 – A rare film with outstanding action featuring Kazuo Chiba as the Founder’s partner.

* Honolulu, Hawaii, 1961 – This film was shot on the occasion of the Grand Opening of the Honolulu Aikikai in February 1961.

* Aikikai Hombu, 1962 – This footage was shot in 1962 by an American couple for a tv documentary that was never completed and lay in storage for 23 years.

* Bonus Feature – O-Sensei radio interview. This DVD contains a fascinating interview of the Founder conducted about 1962 during which he is questioned about aikido. English subtitles provided. A series of beautiful close-up photos of the Founder serve as the backdrop for the interview.


* Documentary: “Noriaki Inoue: Aikido’s Forgotten Pioneer”
* 8mm Historical films taken between 1972 and 1976
* Inoue speech on Shin’ei Taido
* A practice with Noriaki Inoue, Tokyo 1988
* English with French subtitles

Customer comments…

“Given that Inoue has been repeatedly described as a doppleganger of the young Ueshiba, the earlier portions of this DVD give us another chance, I believe, to see the kind of aiki-budo that Ueshiba was doing in the thirties.”

Ellis Amdur

I just wanted to say that I purchased a copy of this DVD. I was fascinated by the footage and watched it over and over again. It was very interesting to see the unique techniques he was teaching. As Stan has outlined in earlier writings, although Inoue was there while O-Sensei was still training with Takeda… Inoue didn’t really spend much time with Takeda and didn’t really care for the old man. Rather he spent his time with his uncle Morihei and the other Omotokyo followers. As a result we see an influential pre-war Aikido teacher that looks very much like O-Sensei, but very different from all the other pre-war deshi from the Kobukan days. The DVD really sheds some new light on history.”

Dan Penrod

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O-Sensei’s Way of Harmony.
Noriaki Inoue: Aikido’s Forgotten Pioneer.

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