“Uke for formal demonstrations,” by Patrick Parker

“In our club and many associated clubs, there is a mostly-unspoken rule that when someone does a rank demo, their uke should be about their same level or perhaps slightly lower in rank. Whenever possible, we tend to do rank demos with pairs of people advancing to the same rank. There are several potential benefits to this practice…

* It provides a preview of what is to come for the lower-ranked uke.
* It gives the students a sense of solidarity or comradere to have gone through a demonstration together.
* It might provide a more realistic demonstration to not have a super-uke jumping for the testee.”

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  1. Brett Jackson says:

    No problem. I often see the uchi-deschi’s taking ukemi for whomever is testing, and the uchi-deschi’s are often much higher ranked than the testee is. It’s also safer for uke this way since, as you mention, the testee is typically hyped up, and a higher ranking uke can better withstand the abuse which typically comes with partnering a hyped up testee. Worst case is when a much more junor person has to take the ukemi and suffer the result. Painful and scary to watch that.

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