“Status of Aikido Journal newsletter,” by Stanley Pranin

I wanted to update those of you who are on our newsletter mailing list and have not received anything for the last several days. By way of explanation, the ISP hosting our mailing server was recently bought out by another firm and the new company relocated to a different area. Our dedicated mail server was shutdown without notice.

We are currently evaluating the situation and will probably move to a weekly or perhaps twice-weekly mailing through our email management partner Aweber, one of the leaders in this field. Our recent 24-hour sale mailings have been sent via Aweber, with excellent results. They provide a multitude of features and statistics that help us understand our customer base better. We think this will work out best in the long run for readers and for us.

If you are not yet on our mailing list and would like to be, please follow this link:
Signup link for Aikido Journal email newsletter

Thank you!

Stanley Pranin


  1. Stan,

    Your amazing publication is one of a kind, and whatever it takes for it to continue its fine and important work is fine by us, your loyal support group and fans.

    No doubt, the fine quality of your research, past and ongoing, will always be there for generations to come.

  2. Kurt Carlstedt says:

    I look forward to again receiving your very educatonal newsletter.

    Thank you for responding to my email.


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