“Simple Mind,” by Fin Valino

“In 1994 a movie based on a 1986 novel of the same name by Winston Groom hit the big screens. The movie? Forrest Gump.

The main character in this movie, Forrest Gump, was a man whose intelligence was well below average. He grew up an only child who was raised by his mother (the movie never explained what happened to this father). The movie followed Forrest’s life from childhood to life as an adult raising his son as a single father.

What struck me about this movie and the character and what possessed me to write about it in my Aikido journal was how very Zen-like Forrest lived his life. Most people would attribute his willingness to accept his situation and whatever people threw his way to the fact that he was dumb or stupid. But the way I see it… He was simple minded. He had simple mind.”

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  1. I prefer the questioning mind…think what’s going on in the world right now…a simple mind accepts the status quo and nothing ever changes…and could get you hurt or even killed …because Forrest survived don’t mean you will.

  2. Brett Jackson says:

    Blending is not unbounded acceptance or unrestrained tolerance. That would be just standing there and getting run over. Forest started out innocent and naive but learned well and survived due to integrity, hard-work, and some amazing talents and positive mind. A great story indeed. So poignant. Agree, there was something Zen like to it but not sure that “simple” mind captures it. He evolves and becomes quite wise at the end.

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